Advanced Concepts Group / Designer

Boston, MA / 2004 Summer

Situated a few blocks from the MIT Media Lab this Motorola innovation group explored the future of mobile communication. Along with my mentor Roberto Tagliabue and Tadeo Toulis, I envisioned and brought to life 4 user experience scenarios that could be enabled by technological leaps over the next decade.

Photoshop post production

Compositing the "Sensorial chic" wearable device 3D rendering into the model's hands.

Photoshop + AfterEffects animation

Compositing the "Sensorial chic" wearable device 3D rendering into the model's hands.

Context aware mobile interfaces

In this scenario below, to share a file, you simply drag-drop or "flick" a document towards a person around the meeting table for them to receive it. Drag-drop the file in the screen center for everyone around the table to receive it.

When it was first launched in 2011, Apple's Airdrop user interface brought back memory of this design. I am a big believer that the digital interfaces that build upon the semantics of the physical world around us are most intuitive. Such solutions require the least bit of cognitive processing to understand and are very user friendly across the widest demographics.

DVD User Interface to package the collection of concepts

Conceptual exploration


Visual Design

Photo, Video, Sound editing

Since 2004 when we first envisioned them, all these mobile products and experiences have shipped as consumer products in one evolved form or another over the next 10-15 years.

Motorola Agni

Responsible for end to end brand/visual design for this mobile phone concept targeted at south-east asian women.